The Doctor (thedoctorbot) wrote,
The Doctor

[Locked to the Vesmier][Forward-dated to whenever the Vesmier wakes up]

I'm very bad at this, and I'm sorry.

Both for being bad at this and for this in general.

But! If you're reading this, you're awake, and I'm glad for that. You've probably noticed I'm not here.

John Smith is

I killed


I have to go. I'd stay, I really would, but

He loved Rose very much. She They were going to be married. Did you know that?

If you need anything — and I mean that, anything — put the word out on the journals. The journal system isn't that hard to manipulate, really. At least, not when you used to have the whole thing in your head because you were in a watch and also a robot at the time. So I'll know. And I'll come back.

I promise.
Tags: journal, locked: the vesmier
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