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[Locked to the Vesmier][Forward-dated to whenever the Vesmier wakes up]  
01:36pm 12/02/2010
The Doctor
I'm very bad at this, and I'm sorry.

Both for being bad at this and for this in general.

But! If you're reading this, you're awake, and I'm glad for that. You've probably noticed I'm not here.

John Smith is

I killed


I have to go. I'd stay, I really would, but

He loved Rose very much. She They were going to be married. Did you know that?

If you need anything — and I mean that, anything — put the word out on the journals. The journal system isn't that hard to manipulate, really. At least, not when you used to have the whole thing in your head because you were in a watch and also a robot at the time. So I'll know. And I'll come back.

I promise.
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[Locked to the Vesmier][Backdated to the Firstborn Plague]  
08:28pm 07/11/2009
The Doctor
Kosch Vesmier.

Are you all right? Are you alive?

I need to see you.

I ki

John Smith is dead.
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[Locked to the Vesmier]  
12:26am 21/07/2009
The Doctor
[[Backdated to just after this happened.]]


Are you going to tell me what's happened, or do I need to track you down, and... I don't know. Hover forlornly at you?

Assuming I can work out exactly how to hover in a forlorn way, at any rate...

Talk to me, Kosch... I might've just barely felt that, but I DID feel it, and something's not right.
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[Locked to Wanderers and friends of Rose Tyler, locked against third parties]  
12:20am 21/02/2009
The Doctor
[[Backdated to the night of the first Wanderer attacks]]

I've found Rose. She's been injured, not too badly, but she'll need stitches. We're downtown, and I'll be bringing her by the Kashtta for medical aid.

John, Doctor, if you're still out looking for her, don't worry -- just find someplace safe for the time being. I'm scouting out a clear path back for her, and if there are any problems... I'll have her open the watch. It worked once before as a distraction, and as much as I hate to subject someone to that, I'm not taking chances.

John, this is why it's especially important that you GO HOME, or at least stay away until we're safely there, just to be on the safe side.

== The (other) Doctor
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